Thursday, October 6, 2011

Farmington NM Photography & Vide | senior photo session featuring Kaitlyn of Aztec High School

It's such an amazing opportunity as a Farmington, NM based photography company to be able to shoot clients "multiple" times. The pressure's on...with each additional shoot, to constantly raise the bar to create something new and exciting. This was our 3rd time photographing "model status" Kaitlyn of Aztec, NM, and as usual...her natural photogenic genetics made creating cool, inviting images....super easy.

We decide to do a sunrise shoot. U can't tell, but she's wearing a pair of goose bumps for the entire shoot. :) Though it was a little chili...the lighting, environment, and props (complimentary of a great friend) made for a killer session for sure.

Thank you so much you guys for trusting us enough to capture such a beautiful senior. We've developed a bond a friendship and really appreciate everything!

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Grant said...

Home girl is a trooper. I know how dirty those cars are.