Thursday, April 21, 2011

Farmington NM Photographer |Wedding Photography & Video | featuring Josh & Bristol

Very cool experience as a Farmington, NM photographer/videographer when you get an opportunity to travel to a place like Taft, CA to capture an amazing wedding event with two people we consider to be great friends. This is a just a little snippet we did for fun to honor them on this special day. Thank you so much Josh & Bristol for trusting Shutterfreek to shoot such a special occasion. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Farmington NM Photographer | Bridals & Wedding | featuring Bristol & SILK - a bridal boutique

Very rarely as a Farmington NM Wedding Photographer do we get the opportunity to shoot brides that look like they should be on the cover of a major fashion magazine. This AMAZING dress, supplied by SILK - a bridal boutique here in Farmington, Bristol like a glove. In fact, it simply was "the perfect dress". We truly couldn't take a bad photo.
Part of what makes a great Bridal Photo Session, is that instinctive response to "work the camera". Bristol for all intents and purposes IS a model. She knows her best looks, and was not afraid to work at throwing her best self at the camera.

So if you haven't noticed...we're doing a lot of experimenting with natural light and OCF (off camera flash). These two photography techniques produce two completely unique results, both of which we love. Off camera flash pops skin tones and adds depth, dimension, and contrast to an otherwise "flatter" looking photo. At photo sessions now we like to produce a combination of both styles to add variety to the final outcome of the shoot.
I could be wrong but I believe that even the jewelry was also supplied by Silk. Very classy, elegant, and totally tasteful for a modern bride in an urban vintage photography setting.

At the end of the day...this Farmington, NM Bridal Photography session took a lot of time and a lot of work but was a TOTAL BLAST every step of the way. Thank you Bristol for trusting us with such a rare event in your life. Thank you Lori and Lori's friend for helping out so much during the shoot. Thank you Josh for being so cool. And thank you to local businesses like SILK that supply a product that completely distinguishes Brides on their MOST special of days.