Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Farmington NM Photography - Video - Design | featuring Garrett | REALITY FREEK SENIOR SESSION

You may or may not know that we've actually been behind a video camera more than a digital still camera over the years and ABSOLUTELY LOVE shooting and editing video. DSLR HD Video has changed the game completely making it so that companies like Farmington, NM based Shutterfreek, can produce photos and video in virtually the same breath.

This particular video is a real world example of the type of product we deliver when a Senior signs up for our "REALITY FREEK" package. It's essentially 2 sessions combined into 1 package. Seniors receive 2 disks. 1 disk with all the final edited Hi-Res Master Version Photos along with a web ready version of the video for youtube, Facebook, or whatever....and 1 mastered DVD that families can pop into the player and enjoy for many generations to come.

In our opinion, there's really no better way to capture the core of a Senior's world, perspective, and personality during such a significant time in their life. Well worth the investment, and something completely unique to this area.

Thank you Garrett and Vicki for being so stinkin cool, and for giving us at shot at making this vision into a "REALITY".

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Farmington NM Commercial Photographer | featuring Next Level Home Audio & Video

Next Level Home Audio & Video is much much more than just your average electronics specialists. Turns out Owner Randy Allen is a tech genius who settles for nothing less than total perfection with regards to quality of gear, innovative installation, and customer satisfaction.

Originally going into this project we had no idea what to expect. Upon completion, we were completely blown away by the sophistication and brilliance behind the systems we photographed. Don't be mislead by the name. We were able to shoot the dual HD flat screen set up in one of BP's board rooms that was mind blowing. They did a complete digital makeover at The Marriot. There's no project to large or to small for this company. They're willing to do it a fair price...all completely guaranteed.

Not only are we super stoked about this type of HDR photography project, but we're super excited to have stumbled on to this gem of a business..right here in good ole Farmington, NM. With Christmas right around the corner. Let it be known that these guys make Santa look like the Rock Star of All Time! :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Farmington, NM & Durango, CO Wedding Photographer | Blue Lake Ranch - Hesperus, CO | featuring the beautiful Sara and Wes

As a photographer in Farmington NM, as we've said before...any opportunity we get to photograph in Colorado is as refreshing as drinking water from a natural spring in the Lukachukai Mountains. Sara and Wes, made this experience...that much more sweet as the graced they grounds at the pristine Blue Lake Ranch and Ridgewood Events Center in Hesperus, CO.

This wedding was fraught with love, laughter, tears, joy, friendship, family, and all the essential ingredients for a spectacular wedding photographic experience. We're so grateful we were selected to capture it all. Sara and Wes are truly beautiful people inside and out...and we wish them an amazing and adventurous life together.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Farmington NM Photographer | Bloomfield Senior Portrait - "Soccer Session" | featuring Kylee

From time to time, we get graduating seniors like Kylee, who want to do something different than the average pic for athletic shots. We treat these like little mini sessions where we can focus 100% of our creative energy on capturing their core personality within their sport. Kylee was shredding it on the set during this particular shoot.

Thanks so much for letting us capture your cool-ness!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Farmington NM Photography & Vide | senior photo session featuring Kaitlyn of Aztec High School

It's such an amazing opportunity as a Farmington, NM based photography company to be able to shoot clients "multiple" times. The pressure's on...with each additional shoot, to constantly raise the bar to create something new and exciting. This was our 3rd time photographing "model status" Kaitlyn of Aztec, NM, and as usual...her natural photogenic genetics made creating cool, inviting images....super easy.

We decide to do a sunrise shoot. U can't tell, but she's wearing a pair of goose bumps for the entire shoot. :) Though it was a little chili...the lighting, environment, and props (complimentary of a great friend) made for a killer session for sure.

Thank you so much you guys for trusting us enough to capture such a beautiful senior. We've developed a bond a friendship and really appreciate everything!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Farmington NM Photographer & Videographer | Silk Home Coming Fashion Show | Featuring La Roux Salon Models

We were very grateful to be invited by Silk Bridal Boutique to participate in this years Home Coming Fashion Show. The event featured High School Models in Silk Boutique formal wear, rockin it hard on the red carpet. We talked after the show about how edgy this event was for good ole Farmington, NM. After spending time in Salt Lake, LA, Nashville, Denver, Houston, and Toronto we can safely say that this area has some of the most beautiful, talented, trend setting individuals anywhere.

So Silk's master mind networking plan involved pairing 5 Salons with 5 Photography Companies...each representing a respective High School. We were very fortunate to be paired with La Roux Salon in Aztec, NM. As it turned out, Kaitlyn (featured below) has been photographed by us twice before. The second we saw her in the mix....we knew the photos were going to be amazing! She makes it EASY!

Candyss (below) lead us to believe that the "fro" was not a typical style. Her hair was BRILLIANT...and the make-up absolutely stunning! All of these young models were 100% completely professional model material.

This was the second time seeing La Roux in action "Air Brushing" make-up. It's true artistry and finesse. We loved the tones, colors, blending, shading, and complimentary nature of each girls make up. It wasn't over the top...extremely classy...and perfectly customized to fit each girls personality. Not to down play the other Salons work...we were just very impressed with the professionalism and creativity that went into this event. Kendra (below) pulled off this classy modern take on a more retro look BRILLIANTLY! Everything about the over all composition was MONEY!

Needless to say, photos like these wouldn't be possible with the savy, progressive, innovative direction Silk has been able to infuse into this area with their style, taste and talent. Hands down, they are in our opinion the final stop when it comes to investing in Formal or Wedding Wear. We've shot many, many dresses that have left their doors, and have yet to meet a client that is anything but elated about the final product.

Thank you so much Silk, for involving us in your vision. We were very grateful to be part of it all...and look forward to shooting more and more stunning dresses moving forward.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Farmington NM Photographer & Videographer | Magazine Promo #1

OK so we designed this like we've designed magazine covers before (ya...right!). So for those of you who are graphic designer....don't hate. Es for fun. fun would be to get behind a photography magazine! Anyway....hope you get as much of a kick out of this as I did. Couldn't resist with such a stunning model.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Farmington NM Photographer | Engagement Portrait Session | Bloomfield New Mexico | featuring stunning Taylor & John

It isn't often, but from time to time you get those rare moments where all the elements come together in a perfect symphony of color, light, balance, composition, chemistry, and pure beauty. Such was the case with John and Taylor for their Engagement Photo Session.

It was pleasantly overcast. We were invited to photograph in their grand parents backyard, which proved to have all kinds of AMAZING photographic opportunities. However with these two....very difficult to take a bad shot.

We'll have the privilege of shooting their Wedding at the Farmington Country Club Sep. 3. Should be a total blast!

Thank you both so much for letting Shutterfreek photograph such significant events in your life. It's been great getting to know you. See you on the 3rd!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Farmington NM Photographer | Farmington Prom Photography | Featuring the beautiful Karissa & Wyatt

It's always amazing to see true little love birds emerge from the high school wood work. If those guys don't get married...well....I guess we won't be shooting their wedding. ;) but....It truly felt like an engagement shoot though. The chemistry was steamin up the place...and most importantly, their friendship OOOZED through the seams of every photo. This Prom Session was a BLAST! And take a look at those GUNS! NICE!

We love the challenge of being a photographer in a place like Farmington, NM. It's a lot like learning to play golf on a course like Pinon Hills. If you can master that can play anywhere. :) And if you're not a golfer, that will make absolutely no sense.

One thing that we know for sure...the amazing people that live here, make it all worth every ounce of effort. Thank you both for allowing us to capture your relationship, on this special day.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Farmington NM Photographer | Bridals & Wedding Photography | featuring Cassie & SILK - a bridal boutique

So...its faster to just cut up a quick video than it is to post individual photos...thus the lack of photos being posted on the blog. Hopefully in the near future we'll be posting more photos soon. The best place to view our most recent work is FACEBOOK. (Be sure to "like" and "share" our page! :)

This was one of the funnest shoots yet. She specifically told us she wanted something raw, urban, rustic, different...and this was the place the popped in our head. Bridal Photography in Farmington, NM and the Four Corners area CAN BE a truly amazing experience. Bridal photos almost seem as important as the actual wedding photos. We treat these shoots with patience, tenderness, a lot of thought, and free flowing creativity. Somehow it all seems to come together.

If you have a second, take a pEEk at what a Bridal shoot is like with shuttefrEEk.

Shutterfreek Bridal Session from shutterfreek on Vimeo.

So thank you so much to Cassie for being willing to explore the realm of possibilities with this shoot. Also....thank you to "SILK" for providing yet another COMPLETELY STUNNING dress. This Bridal Session was a blast. Hope you enjoy the show!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Farmington NM Photographer | Prom Photography & Video | featuring Josh & Kaitlyn

Josh & Kaitlyn in Prom Night from paul mcpherson on Vimeo.

So this is recent experiment shooting a simultaneous photography / videography session for Josh & Kaitlyn on their most special "Prom Night". We wanted to see how feasible it would be using the 7D, to pull off a mini documentary along side a complete portrait session. All in all, we thought it was amazingly easy to pull off. Of course in the studio we were having to toggle back and forth between high ISO's but aside from that, it wasn't difficult to flow both productions. The footage turned out pretty cool, but we thought the emerging story turned out even better. Nice work you guys. Thanks for being our guinea pig on this project. You were amazing!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Farmington NM Photographer |Wedding Photography & Video | featuring Josh & Bristol

Very cool experience as a Farmington, NM photographer/videographer when you get an opportunity to travel to a place like Taft, CA to capture an amazing wedding event with two people we consider to be great friends. This is a just a little snippet we did for fun to honor them on this special day. Thank you so much Josh & Bristol for trusting Shutterfreek to shoot such a special occasion. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Farmington NM Photographer | Bridals & Wedding | featuring Bristol & SILK - a bridal boutique

Very rarely as a Farmington NM Wedding Photographer do we get the opportunity to shoot brides that look like they should be on the cover of a major fashion magazine. This AMAZING dress, supplied by SILK - a bridal boutique here in Farmington, Bristol like a glove. In fact, it simply was "the perfect dress". We truly couldn't take a bad photo.
Part of what makes a great Bridal Photo Session, is that instinctive response to "work the camera". Bristol for all intents and purposes IS a model. She knows her best looks, and was not afraid to work at throwing her best self at the camera.

So if you haven't noticed...we're doing a lot of experimenting with natural light and OCF (off camera flash). These two photography techniques produce two completely unique results, both of which we love. Off camera flash pops skin tones and adds depth, dimension, and contrast to an otherwise "flatter" looking photo. At photo sessions now we like to produce a combination of both styles to add variety to the final outcome of the shoot.
I could be wrong but I believe that even the jewelry was also supplied by Silk. Very classy, elegant, and totally tasteful for a modern bride in an urban vintage photography setting.

At the end of the day...this Farmington, NM Bridal Photography session took a lot of time and a lot of work but was a TOTAL BLAST every step of the way. Thank you Bristol for trusting us with such a rare event in your life. Thank you Lori and Lori's friend for helping out so much during the shoot. Thank you Josh for being so cool. And thank you to local businesses like SILK that supply a product that completely distinguishes Brides on their MOST special of days.