Saturday, November 27, 2010

Farmington NM Photographer | Four Corners Family Portrait Session | featuring the Savage Family

What a great opportunity we had to go out to this beautiful ranch in Colorado with the Savage Family. Not only was the location picturesque but the Savage's were extremely photogenic and combined....made for an amazing experience. The more we try to shoot portraits in the Farmington NM area, the more we're realizing, our best portrait sessions really have happened "outside" of Farmington.

We learned so much this fall season. We learned a ton about lighting in the late evening. How to avoid harsh sun flares. Using a cooler white balance with vibrant fall colors to get natural skin tones. Appropriate times and ways to implement off camera flash. More creativity with depth of field. The number of clients that can realistically be photographed in a month. And much, much more. Ultimately, this was an amazing fall and we consider this shoot probably one of our top showcase shoots of the season.

With family portrait sessions, kids like this make photography simple. It was honestly hard to miss with these little cuties. Nice work Ryan and Monica!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

Farmington NM Photographer | New Born Photography | featuring Baby Kayl Ray

What a crazy, unpredictable, emotional, adventure this child birthing stuff is. We arrived at the hospital at 4am this morning for a scheduled c-section. Of course we were filming the entire event. Was even able to get complete footage of Kayl exiting the womb....blood, guts, and all. I guess we're a bit conflicted whether or not it was a "good" thing to role HD through it all. No sooner than Kayl hit the baby table to be cleaned, there were apparent complications with his breathing. He wasn't getting oxygen and you could tell his poor little lungs were full of fluid. One of the many possible complications that can occur via a c-section. It was clear that perhaps it just wasn't his time to come out. I don't think we've ever prayed more, and harder in our lives. From there, and after failing a few oxygen tests, it was determined that Kayl would have to spend time under an oxygen hood. This went on for several hours. More prayers offered, (from all directions I'm sure), and sure enough he was eventually able to stabilize and breath normal.

It is so true what everyone has been saying. The statement that goes a little something like, "It doesn't seem possible that you could love someone as much as you love your first child, until you meet your second child." This is SO TRUE! This is the coolest little kid I've ever met. (sorry, biased) Can't wait to get to know him. He's a miracle, a blessing, a contributor to the mcpherson legacy, filled with nobility from all related family, he's our super dude...we're so pleased to introduce....Baby Kayl.

Katie's very last maternity shot. Isn't she one sexy mama!

Special thanks to our Heavenly Father, all our family, friends, Dr. Fisher, hospital staff. There is no possible way we could've made it through today with you.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Farmington NM Photographer | Film Trip Extravaganza | Ireland | featuring Kalai

Farmington NM photographer goes to Ireland! My genius brother Benjamin and Vessolar Studios invited Shutterfreek to go to Ireland to help film for a possible upcoming TV series. Though I can't disclose anything about the series yet, I will say if you're a fan of music and travel, this will be an absolutely "must see" series.

The series features as its host, the brilliant artist / musician Kalai. Our travels took us into some extremely obscure Irish nooks and cranny's. Every inch of the landscape was everything one would expect. Rolling green fields, castles, ornate architecture, gorgeous rocky coasts, and all kinds of interesting, fascinating people filled this land. Every turn seemed to reveal something fresh, exciting, exhilarating, inspired, and most definitely worth capturing with the camera.

With Kalai as the primary focus we tried to incorporate a mini portrait session into the trip. To be honest it was a dream come true to have such amazing subject matter to work with. In a place like Ireland, it was literally impossible to take a bad shot. Everywhere you turn there we're interesting old buildings, structures, landscapes, etc.

Kalai happens to be one of my personal "most listened to" artists in my library. If you have not heard his music, he's released 5 albums over the last 12 years, played with the best artists on the planet, featured on Jimmy Kimmel, and is respected and admired by some of the worlds top musicians.

When I tell people about Kalai I typically describe him as "Ben Harper on Steroids". Our first introduction to Kalai was when our uncle Sam Cardon produced one of his earlier albums and was instrumental in professionally launching his music career. Kalai has since then become a mastermind with production, and has self produced his newest albums.

Kalai is one of these rare musicians that has had every opportunity to sign with major labels and has refused to do so in order to maintain his freedoms as an individual and as an artist. He's married, has a beautiful family and has found a way to make that his #1 priority while simultaneously making living as a musician. When we were on the plane he made the comment to me that there are two types of songs he will write today, those about his wife and kids and those about God. In an industry that has lost all contact with morals and integrity, on his level...Kalai stands alone as a shining example. He's proven that it is possible to have a career as a musician without having to compromise moral standards to do so.

Here we're chillin in an extremely old, renown Church of Christ in downtown Dublin. I can only hope that the world will get an opportunity to hear the music that was performed that evening by Kalai. We were the only ones in the chapel...and it was absolutely breath taking.

Thanks Kalai, for indulging me every time I said..."Hey man, can you just post up right her for a quick second.....POP POP POP!"

So it turns that the Irish men in kilts don't wear underwear! That was a very startling moment behind the camera. All in all, this trip was everything and more than I had ever anticipated. We started filming from the second we hit the airport in SLC, and didn't stop until Chicago on the way home. Be sure to take an opportunity to check Kalai and his music at You can also find all of his albums on iTunes and of course....YouTube.