Thursday, September 23, 2010

Farmington NM Photographer | Homecoming Dance Portrait Session | featuring Morgan and Brycen

Had the sweet opportunity to do a FHS Homecoming Dance "pre-game" portrait session. It was awesome! Shutterfreek welomes all dance shoots cuz these sessions are a blast! Doesn't hurt when both subjects are strikingly beautiful human beings either. We shot the "getting ready" stuff too which we'll be releasing in an upcoming promo stay tuned for that.

Thank you guys shakin things up for Shutterfreek. You're both super cool and it made for a sweet blog portfolio post! Hopefully you "ripped & gripped" on the dance floor. :)

Lovin the Vans!

Go Scorps! (no offence pv....but as former fhs graduates...u gotta know we "bleed green")

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Farmington NM Photographer | Family Portrait Session | La Plata Barn | featuring The Stansel Family

All the way from Katie Texas the Stansel's come to little ole Farmington, NM for a family portrait session with Shutterfreek. NOT! :) They actually just happen to be a friend of the family and it worked out that we were able to make this shoot happen for them while they were here on business. (maybe well pretend that it was partly for the photos too.)

What a great family! So we've shot at this amazing barn off the La Plata highway before, but it was when it was cold and nothing was green. So decided to give it another try and the shoot turned out quite unique. There were literally "THOUSANDS" of crickets hopping around everywhere and an interesting side note about the Stansel's....not a fan of getting dirty or CRICKETS! Every shot that came with a smile followed 20 other disgusted looks with a hint of panic. ;) Just kidding....that actually all did a fantastic job with our layed back direction...and they're as beautiful on the inside and they are on the out, which made the whole thing a blast.

This kid is MONEY!

It was such a pleasure to you meet you all. It's obvious that you have a solid family built on great values and morals. We hope to get a chance to see you again in the future. Until then....YOUR DISK IN THE MAIL! ;)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Farmington NM Photographer | Family Portrait Session | Shot in Flora Vista | featuring the Askew Family

This was an amazing family portrait shoot with the Askew family. We found this crazy location right outside of Farmington, just off the Aztec Highway, that consisted of a couple of abandoned, super scary trailers that....(who knows how long they've been there)...were way old.

Families we photograph tend have this slightly scetched out look on their face when we pull up to locations. I can only imaging what was going through the Askew's heads. Anyway, we really appreciated how open they were to experiment with this interesting setting. They were very photogenic which always makes portaits shoot more fun than work, despited the "scetchines" of the location. ;)


One of the many pleasures we've enjoyed being a Farmington, NM photography company is the opportunity to meet and get to know new amazing people. We love the memories that come with each session. So thank you Askew Family for trusting us with something we deem so special and important....strengthening the family.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Farmington NM Photographer | Maternity & Family Portrait Session | featuring The Corrales Family

This shoot was "A First" on many levels. Technically, this was Shutterfreek's first Maternity Shoot ever. A group of Krystal's friends from work called us up and purchased a maternity portrait session for her (which we thought was a super cool idea....hint, hint :).

We scouted out this location the day of the shoot (as usual). It was this old farm that was blocked by a gate. Called a number from a sign that said "Goats For Sale", got a return call and the rest was history. It's so cool how these things work out.

Krystal and her family were super cool, and super easy to shoot (Beautiful Family!!!!). They were willing to let us experiment a bit. The 3 shots of Krystal (above) from an over head perspective, were taken just after Krystal got multiple wasp stings! We felt so bad. The place we were trying to shoot that shot ended up being right on top of a very temperamental wasps nest. We always tell clients, the more bites, stings, stickers, dirt, and grime you get in to, the better the photos will turn out. We surely didn't mean "Wasp Stings"! Geeesh!

In the end, we felt the photos did turn out amazing. We really tried to experiment with different texture/action combos to create new looks. Love the way the black and white against the green (below) turned out. And the kids....totally rocked!

So thank you very much you guys for making our very first Maternity shoot an amazing contribution to our portfolio site! There really is something so special about shooting a an infant in the womb. We felt a certain reverence as we edited this shoot. Perhaps we'll be lucky enough to shoot the newborn session as well. ;)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Farmington NM Photographer | Family Portrait Session | featuring The Olson's

We were super honored when The Olson Family asked Shutterfreek to shoot their summer family portrait. Stephanie came back to Farmington to go to her 10 year high school class reunion and the timing just worked to make it happen.

As per the location, we've been eyeing this spot for several months...and finally had the impression to go knock on the door and meet the owners of the property. Time after time it seems, these aged locations with the most character and personality are always owned by aged, interesting, wise couples with amazing character.

Anyway the kids were a total blast....and Tim and Stephanie were an awesome couple to spend some time with. Beautiful family = Beautiful shoot.

OK so even though this isn't the most delicious looking pear I've seen, i thought it was cool to see a pear anyway.

So definitely something we're going try to start remembering to do.....SHOOT EVERYTHING! More times than not, there are always interesting things to shoot at each new location. Some of the older structures make for amazing textures. This cute couple (of 50+ years) brought this sign with them from Louisiana. We thought it was super cool!

Thank you so much Tim and Stephanie. We loved doing this was a pleasure to meet you guys. We hope a few of these photos make it on the wall in your home in Texas. You rock!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Farmington NM Photographer | Bayfield, CO | Family Portrait Session | featuring the Allees and Family sure would be amazing if Bayfield, CO was right around the corner. It's photography heaven! And what an honor it was to shoot not only a totally gorgeous family, but an age old friend dating back into "pre" pre-school years. This was just one of those rare scenarios where the location was already picked, the family looked spectacular, apparel coordinated perfectly, and aside from a bit of an overcast, all of the elements came together to form quite a magical experience. Alls we had to do was show up...and fire off about 1200 photos in an hour. No problem right? :)

So yes, even though we're a Farmington, NM based photography company...if you want to go to Bayfield to do your shoot...we're all for it!

Pretty cool to have a legitimate snake charmer in the mix. This kid was "hypnotic"!

...and fittingly..."GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS"! ;)

These couples were....SCORCHIN HOT!
This entire family was seriously straight out of a magazine! We truly are, very grateful to have had this opportunity. It means a lot that you'd trust shutterfrEEk to shoot such a special occasion. Feel free to have us back anytime. ;)