Friday, July 30, 2010

Farmington NM Photographer | Family Portrait Session | featuring Camie and Santiago

When we asked Camie what type of shoot she was looking to do all she said is that her super cool son, Santiago, was going to be rockin a cowboy hat. That took us out to an obscure little spot off the La Plata Highway. At first, Santiago gave us the impression that he was going to make it extremely challenging for us to get some good shots. After a few minutes, he warmed up to us...found out that we're like little kids ourselves, and then the session took off. Eventually it became impossible to take a bad photo. It was really cool to get out in a country element and adventure through the landscape. Fortunately we were not bitten by any snakes!

Simulated horse shot.....

Camie could easily be a model. It's not surprise that Santiago is as handsome as he is.

Thank you guys so much for taking a chance on Shutterfreek. We're honored to add some photos from your shoot to our portfolio. Hopefully we'll get a chance to photograph Santiago again when he's a little older.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Farmington NM Photographer | Family Portrait Session | The Chavez Girls

What's cuter than a baby in a tu-tu hanging out in a plush bed of flowers. Hum...I'm can't think of one thing! This shoot was so fun. Lyndsie is a great friend and we really appreciate her letting us participate in the process of capturing her beautiful family.

This was Rylan's 1st Birth day photos. She just cruzed around doing her own thing and made it easy to get amazing shots. Shutterfreek photographers thrive on candid natural shots. Our family portraits typically consist of mostly candids and maybe 1 or 2 standard "say cheese" shots. Natural is always better.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Farmington NM Photographer | Wedding Session at Foxfire Farms | Ignacio, CO | featuring Liberty & Jesse

As Wedding Photographers in Farmington, NM we're so grateful to have had the opportunity to shoot this wedding thanks to a good friend and pro photographer Susan Hampton who referred us for the shoot.

Any time you combine a pristine venue with a gorgeous wedding party, it's really NOT hard to capture moments of true beauty. And we can't say enough, how amazing Foxfire Farms in Ignacio, CO truly is. Katie and I had a chance to visit with the owner of the venue recently, and it's just one of those special places on earth that exudes passion, elegance, and a taste for the finer things in life. If you get a chance please take time to visit the Foxfire Farms website, or better yet, let them book your next event!

I thought it was a really cool idea that Jesse and Liberty decided to have their rings custom made for each other. They turned out killer!

This is so indicative of the personality of Jesse and his groomsmen. Witty, super cool, and very comfortable with their masculinity.

So about 30 minutes before the wedding started, the event was blessed with about 5 minutes of "sun rain". I happened to be outside when it happened and caught the groomsmen and preacher praying as it showered. I felt kind of bad for intruding on a prayerful moment, but I'm so glad I did because it's one of my favorite shots of all time.

This European style home was freaking amazing! Jesse and Liberty really brought it all to life though.

Super tough brides maids!!!

So thank you Sabrina, Jesse, Liberty, and everyone involved in this event. It was a privilege for us to shoot it and we wish you all the very best! Click the button below to view more photos from this Foxfire Farms Wedding Session.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Farmington NM Photographer | Family Portrait Session | featuring Toni, Steve, & Baby

When Toni called my first question to her was how she found us. We're always a bit surprised when they say "on the internet". And inevitably, these are the shoots that have the most magic. It has nothing to do with price, (even though our prices are quite low) and everything to do with the style of our photography. It's when they like the way our photos look.

Some of you have watched as Shutterfreek Photography has evolved into somewhat of a brand. It's been a long process of a) understanding a little about photography, and b) discovering our own style. Of course anyone whoever tells you they came up with their style completely on their own...well, it's just not possible. Everyone gleans little bits and pieces from others they are fond of and out that evolves a unique style. We've tried to glean things from many talented photographer that have inspired our work. We're confident that we've finally stumbled onto what we think is our future style, loving to work with textures, and vintage tones. At every shoot we're constantly looking for interesting imagery that we can bring back to the lab and experiment with as textures on photos, and in the end, we hope that "this" is what begins to make our photographic expressions, stand out. And cool props (as soon as we can afford to buy them). =)

So going forward we're wanting to move further away from providing tons of the typical, clean yet ordinary looking images, and focus more on the select few from the batch that are the true candidates for making it into a frame. We'll keep you posted on how this will effect the final outcome of a photo shoot with Shutterfreek.

OK back to family portraits with Toni, Steve, and Mia. What an amazing, beautiful little family. We went out searching for a location the day before the shoot, and stumbled on to this crazy old estate off the bloomfield highway. The lighting was being diffused perfectly by the age old trees covering the property. It was majestic, very serene, and seemed like it was perfectly designed for this couple.

Love the baby in a basket we just need to buy some more really cool baskets.

Sun Flare Tip: When the sun is low I always like positioning couples with their back toward the sun and then just play around with the position of the lens until I can see a nice flare. In most cases this seems to occur when the sun is just barely catching the top corner of the frame. Most of the time you're going to want to switch to manual focus as the lens will have a difficult time isolating the best focal point. The more sun you bring into the frame the more flare you'll create in the photo. Lower aperture settings will blur out the flare nicely. Sit down with your subjects and just play with it until you see the exact effect you're looking for. The cool thing about sun flares...they're a lot like snow flakes. No 2 flares are ever the same.
Toni and Steve, thank you so much for allowing us to participate in capturing such a special time in your life. Congratulation on your little one, and keep us in mind for your 1 year shoot.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Farmington NM Photographer | Family Portrait Session | featuring the Stansbury's

It's a total treat when you get to photograph friends that you've grown up knowing. Family Portrait sessions are by far the most rewarding especially when you're dealing with children that have vibrant, beaming personalities. We found some pretty cool venues here in Farmington, NM. The Stansbury's are not only very photogenic, but they were just simply a cool family to shoot. It took a while to edit the shoot because their were so many adorable shots of their daughter. She had the funniest laugh you've ever heard. Hopefully it was as awesome an experience for them as it was for us.

Nothin but smiles all day long.

Ah...feel the love.

This shot was their idea....(glad you thought of it).

They're like...."Do you see that purple giraff?" She's like...."Do you see that green monkey?"

Thanks so much you guys for letting us practice our art on your beautiful family, we really appreciate it.