Monday, June 21, 2010

Farmington NM Wedding Photographer | Monument Vally, AZ | featuring Lance and Melissa Erdmann

This was an amazing experience deep in to the realm of the unknown. We were contacted a week before this wedding was going down, and lucky for us, we just happened to have the weekend open. Apparently things had fallen through with their photographer and they were referred to Shutterfreek. With wedding photography you always hope for those majestic, unique settings that make for amazing portfolio material. This wedding ended up being just that. So thank you Lance and Melissa. It was not only a complete blast photographing your wedding, but it was a privilege to meet both of you and your beautiful families. As our first Traditional Wedding, it will be a wedding experience we'll never forget.

Be sure to check out more photos from this shoot in our new Wedding Gallery.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Farmington NM Family Portrait Photographer | Farmington NM | Featuring The Beautiful Trotter Family

So we had a time and place to meet, but we still didn't have a location nailed down. We knocked on the door of this house on the way to the shoot, and fortunately this time the owner was home and was willing to let us shoot on his property. We've been wanting to do a portrait session here for over a year now. Of course a beautiful setting is nothing without an amazing family to compliment it. We felt like it was a magical experience even though we had a heck of time fighting off the mosquitos.

Tim Trotter happens to be the nephew of my jedi master Bill Trotter, aka "Yoda", owner of Trotter Photography. Bill broke me out as a wedding photographer 4 or 5 years ago, and taught me the ropes. In fact without Bill I'm not sure I'd be behind a camera today. He is truly a photography genius and I love him as a friend and a mentor.

With family portraits that include extra small children, as we've said before, you're at the mercy of the child. Best rule of thumb, don't stop popping shots! I think we shot like 500-600 photos at this shoot. Crazy! This little angel was money for most every shot. Once we got back to the lab and started realizing that most of the photos were good, it was a challenge to pick out a batch of "the best" pics. Brailey is a beautiful, amazing spirited little girl. She's a great indication of the quality of her parents. You can tell Tim and Michelle are awesome parents. This family portrait shoot was a total treat.

Getting a little carried away with the lens flares but I just love em!

Awe....cute couple. Thank you again you guys for giving us a shot at capturing your beautiful family on a flash card. :) We had a blast and are look forward to doing more with you in the future. Peace out!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Farmington NM Commercial Photographer | Farmington NM | Blue Moon Diner

We were so grateful for the opportunity Blue Moon Diner gave us to debut our first commercial restaurant photography session. Blue Moon Diner is located at 1819 E. 20th in Farmington, NM and is one of those hidden gems unique to the area.

Owner, Mike Ulrich is in the process of relaunching with a fresh menu featuring amazing new dishes. We were lucky enough to get to sample the food we shot, and we enjoy just going out to eat there as well. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner...the food is outstanding and the chef "Ray" is "The Man". Of course our emphasis is still portrait and wedding photography, but honestly, this shoot was a blast and we will welcome any other restaurant interested in shooting their spread. Thank you Mike and Cassie for taking a chance on us. We look forward to doing more projects with you in the future.

Go eat at Blue Moon Diner! You'll love it!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Farmington NM Engagement and Portrait Photographer | Farmington, NM | Raven Munoz & Cade Payne

OK so we got a little carried away with this post. Super cute, cool couple. Super cool setting. It's our first engagement portrait shoot of the season and well....we had a blast!

At first glance Raven and Cade look like a young, unexperienced couple deeply in love, blindly diving into the bonds of marriage. However, as you get to know these two love birds you find out they've been dating for like 4 or 5 years, have an amazing friendship/relationship, and what seemed like amazing support from family and friends. They had that special spark of energy that you expect to see in young fresh couples, and that energy flowed through the entire shoot. It was AWESOME!

I was blessed to have the super talented pro lighting specialist back on the set, my best friend and wife Katie McPhee. She not only makes these shoots amazing in terms of her ability to put clients at ease, but her instincts with anything related to photography are totally money. She's my hero and I couldn't be more blessed to have her by my side. (thank you hunee)

So we might be over doing it a bit with the experimentation of textures and actions....but oh well. We just think it looks cool. That's why we always do a clean post process batch, and an experimental batch. That way they client has the option to choose based on their personal preference.

Raven and Cade....we're absolutely looking forward to shooting your wedding. It's going to be amazing, we'll make sure of it. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.