Thursday, May 27, 2010

Farmington NM Family Portrait Photographer | Salmon Ruins-Bloomfield New Mexico | The Kynor Family

Welcome to the enchanted new mexico ancient native dwelling community known as...(drum role) "Salmon Ruins". Question. Was there indeed salmon running indigenous through native new mexico waters. Hum, guess I should have asked the tour guide. Wait...there was no tour guide.

Anyway, what a cool family portrait shoot with the Kynor's. Apparently they're neighbors with a family we shot a while back, liked the photos and booked, and as always we were flattered to do it.

Why Salmon Ruins? No idea, other than just a gut feeling. We had messed around with a senior portrait shoot there a while back, but just scratched the surface of what was possible. If you're living in new mexico, you might as well immerse yourself in all the interesting things about it. Raw New Mexican style photography.

The Kynor's obviously are a beautiful family, that love each other. That's why we love family portraiture work so much. There's nothing more rewarding than capturing the love and bond a family has with one another. Above anything else, we feel it's the most important photography service we can provide, and in the end...will probably focus on that solely.

There aint nuthin like the power of brotherly love and fresh cactus.

Maybe this is the stream where wild new mexican salmon once ran.

Cool lighting in home-made indian dwelling.

Little bit too much orange tint, but this face is priceless.

This kid was money 90% of the time, all the time (sorry i can't remember your name buddy).

Look, it's a baby salmon!

Anytime we can get clients to bring their own interesting props we welcome it. This bench made of old antique doors was AWESOME! Totally enhanced the shoot. Thank you guys!

So hopefully Salmon Ruins takes on new meaning for the Kynor family. It was a pleasure getting to know you. You're family is awesome. Thank you very much for choosing Shutterfreek Photography to shoot your summer family portraits.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Farmington NM Kid Portrait Photographer | Shiprock New Mexico | JD, McKay, and little Robbie

This was truly....the "Shiprock Adventure"! These 3 studs made for a totally awesome experience. My brother in law "Uncle Sam" came with me as my lighting technician. He was stellar! Part of what made this shoot so special was the kinship between all these boys. They love each other and have a blast together, and that came through in the photos. The other exciting part, and reason I love shooting kids this age...they're willing to do just about anything. If that means, breaking into fenced-in condemned buildings with homeless people living in them, so be it. (thanks for your cooperation Cara)

Apparently little Robbie loves rocks.... :)

Lookout ladies!

Holy magnum blue steel combo!

Kids don't get any cuter than this...

So thank you very much Rob and Cara. This kid portrait shoot was a total treat. We love you guys and look forward to more shoots in the future.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Farmington NM Family Portrait Photographer | Shiprock New Mexico | Windy Hodges

Probably the most stressful, high pressure shoots are the ones that involve shooting another talented photographer. Windy approached us about doing a shoot a couple of months ago...after a long time of waiting on decent weather finally the opportunity came and it turned out to be quite a magical photographic experience.

It's so fun shooting kids at this age because they're so care free and love to have fun. And you could tell these siblings knew how to have a good time together. We had a blast. This family was beautiful, and were definitely patient with our experimentations. In the end we were able to produce some really cool photos and hopefully some great memories.

We always welcome ideas from our clients. I had know idea that this rock overhang was behind Hogback Trading post. It was a great idea and the photo turned out super cool. Thank you!

Again, thank you for the opportunity to shoot your beautiful family. It was a pleasure to meet you all and we hope you enjoy the photos.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Farmington NM Baby Portrait Photographer ~ Farmington NM ~ Tracey, Mike, & Gavin King

we had an awesome opportunity to shoot an extra special little guy. gavin was born eight weeks premature on february 1st, weighing 3 lbs, 8 and a half oz. in the first couple weeks of his life he had brain surgery, contracted a bacterial infection in his spinal fluid, & went through many trials that no little baby should have to go through. but he came out triumphant. he is a strong willed boy, i am sure he gets that trait from both parents. he miraculously beat the odds & came home shortly after his "due date".

i {katie} have known tracey for a long time now & am so excited for her journey into motherhood. she & mike are wonderful parents. its very apparent the love that is overflowing in the king home.

this photo shoot was an awesome experience for us & we are excited to watch this little guy grow.

congratulations on a job WELL done tracey & mike.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Farmington NM Family Portrait Photographer ~ Kirtland New Mexico ~ Triple J Ranch & The Steigelman's

We had the privilege of shooting all the Steigelman boys as a Mothers Day gift for Susan Steigelman. The Family Portrait shoot went down out at the Triple J Ranch in Kirtland, NM and it was a total and complete blast. Rarely have we ever been in a situation where there are "too many" photographic options in one place. It was obvious to see the bond of friendship between all the boys as it flowed naturally into the photos during the shoot. Always a refreshing experience as a photographer. In the end, it was a totally amazing setting to shoot a totally amazing Father and his 3 triplet sons.

By the end of the shoot we decided that we had taken enough photos to put together a hard cover album for Mom. That book turned out so cool, and we're looking forward to promoting more album design in the near future. Thank you so much for this experience. It meant a lot that you chose Shutterfreek to do it. Looking forward to shooting the whole family!