Thursday, January 21, 2010

Farmington NM Abstract Photographer | Mi Casa | Nature

So this year ShutterFreek Photography is going to be featuring a series on New Mexico landscapes, sunsets, nature, and other beautiful elements found within the Land of Entrapment...I mean Enchantment. These images will be for sale...some in print, some on canvas. It seems somewhat prideful to actually think people would want to purchase these prints, but I guess that point is....if you see anything you like...let us know and we'll print it up. Eventually these images will be available on the "Prints For Sale" page. Thank you all for your support. It's most appreciated.

Farmington NM Studio Portrait Photographer | Ms Olivia Liv Livingston III

In portrait photography, candid-ness is the candy that makes photos look natural and full of personality. I read an interesting article today (read article) about the secret ingredient to setting apart your portrait photos in comparison to generic studios like Walmart, Sears, ect. is that ability to bring out the true essence of an individual's personality. We're still going through the process of nailing that aspect of each shoot, but for shoots like this, it doesn't take much work at all.

I suppose what make Ms. Oliva so photogenic (aside from the fact that she's beautiful) is that she really could care less what she looks like. She's not thinking in terms of "Does my face look good like this?" No, she's more like, "How bout this, or what about this, or ooooh try this," and I'm sitting there laughing, popping as many shots as I could get off. It's that ability to "care less" about what she looks like that I think makes her look so good. Anyway, thanks Liv. You rock.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Farmington NM Studio Portrait Photographer | Garage Studio Session

So we're really looking forward to investing into some cool backdrops for studio shooting this year. I think that's the only thing really lacking in this area. My wife got this blanket from Urban Outfitters a while back and it made for a pretty cool look. Of course shooting an 11 month old is about as easy as easy as flying a kite in a cave. The key? Don't look down and just keep firing the camera. Fire when you don't think you should fire. And then say a little prayer that there's a few shots in the mix. Nora's a great sport. Hopefully she will not experience any severe or adverse effects from being photographed so often.


If anyone out there has any cool sheets, blankets, walls, or anything else they think would be a cool to use in a photo....we'll give a huge discount on the shoot just to beef up our studio side portfolio pix.

Farmington NM Portrait Photographer | Outside Cuba | Curry Vintage

Starting to play around with photoshop actions. I really liked this retro-vintage look. This shot was forcefully taken outside an abandoned trailer we spotted just outside of Cuba, NM. The rust in the trailer paneling made for some cool looking textures. These types of shoots tend make Katie...a wee bit nervous. I couldn't ask for a better model for a wife. :)